Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Runner's World - A complete guide to running

So I'm into reading the runners world magazine at the moment (Aus/NZ version). 

In fact, I manage to score a whole lot (18!) of back issues from 2012-late 2014 really cheap off a trading website. It's amazing they can find so much to write about what is essentially a very basic sport! I'm sure it'll start repeating itself as I make my way through the stack but for now I'm enjoying having something to read that isn't baby/child or fashion related! 

I saw a special edition "complete guide to running" advertised but couldn't find any reviews or more detailed list of contents other than what was on the cover. 

I was stoked to find it included in my magazine stack so I am going to review it here for anyone else interested. 

It's a great size, A5, so easy to hold in one hand to read whilst sipping your latte, feeding your baby, dusting? (Not that I even own a duster). 

The format is similar to a magazine, with a two or four page spread on each topic, but it's informative rather than editorial (if you know what I mean.). Kinda a cross between a magazine and a book. 

I was going to give an overview of what's in it, but actually this photo of the contents says it all.  There's heaps in there.. of particular interest to me right now is the speed work aspect of training & health/injury, and I think the training schedule for a half marathon could come in handy too.

I think it's worth the $20 to buy it. I know it's going to find a home on our bookshelf indefinitely. 

You can get yourself a copy here:

Anyone else a total geek like me when it comes to reading about running? or just general fitness? Are there any other books out there that I need to get hold of?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A 'proper' warm up?

I had an awesome 8 km run yesterday morning before church.  My fastest ever - 47 min 27 sec, which I was pretty happy with.

However, within half an hour of getting home, I noticed a rather unusual niggly pain on the outside of my right thigh.  It's not just that 'good sore' feeling in my quad after a good run.  It's one of those 'bad sore' feelings.

I've got a lovely facebook friend who's a physio so I briefly chatted to her about it.  She says it *could* be an Illiotibial band (ITB) issue.  This is something new to me so I spent some time on Google yesterday sussing it out.  It seems the most common symptom is actually knee pain (because that's where the ligament inserts), however, I'm not experiencing this.  Perhaps at this stage it's just 'tight' rather than 'injured' (if that makes sense).

Anyway, this week I'll be taking a break to protect myself from further injury.  Hopefully those pretty new shoes will be on special next week, then I'll snap them up and cover off the  possible cause of 'running on worn out shoes'.

I've always been a bit complacent about warming up, (if anything it's just been a 5 minute walk before breaking into a run!) but I'm going to be a bit more proactive about it from now on. 

This warm up routine showed up in my facebook newsfeed this morning so I've linked it here to give it a go from next week.  It looks pretty straightforward and sensible and only roughly 5 minute time commitment which sounds perfect by me.  Thanks,  :)

Physio friend has also suggested using a foam roller, which I know absolutely nothing about, so I've left that as something to google for another day!!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Words to inspire

This is probably how people manage to run a half marathon/marathon etc. by taking each kilometre at a time and just keeping on running til the end. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

My plans for the month of March

1. Just keep running.  Longer, faster, stronger.  I've got a heap of magazines about running with ideas how to increase pace. I've just got to sit down and make a plan of how to go about it.

2. Get some new shoes. My Brooks were bought after baby #2 so they've been used for a lot of walking while I was pregnant with #3.  And apparently the walking motion is so different to the running motion that you shouldn't use the same pair of shoes for both.  So, just to save up the $270 required to buy this year's model of Adrenalines. Which happen to be very loud. And purple!  (oh well, at least they're not pink).
3. Shed a bit more body fat. Namely, reduce the waist/love handles. I don't have fancy body fat scales so I'll just have to do the old tape measure trick and watch the centimetres.  My theory is - lighter = faster.

Where I'm at, February 2015

This month I've completed the river track, a 10.3km distance, in 63:11.

A couple of weeks ago I set out to 'finally' break the 30 minute barrier for 5km. I knew I could do it, I just had to break the mental barrier.  I was super excited to run it in 28.05.

I'm also working on pushups. My plan is to be able to complete five full press ups by the end of February. That gives me one more week. Watch this space!!

I never thought I'd start a blog...

Yeah. I'm now officially a blogger.

'K8 loves to run' because running keeps me sane. I've got three young boys. Stressful enough and the baby isn't even really moving yet.  Running gives me a chance to get out of the house, focus on something else, get a great cardio workout and a sense of achievement after a day of feeding, changing nappies and household chores.

I started off with the C25k programme six weeks after the birth of my third baby.  I haven't looked back. The endorphin rush that comes with running is addictive.

For my birthday this year I spent the morning running along a river track, a 10k distance that I'd been working towards for a few weeks. Never dreamed I'd want to spend my birthday running!

I'm toying with the idea of training for a half marathon in August this year. My aim for the next three months is to build up my strength, fitness and confidence so I can set that goal.

This blog will be mainly used to log my training and how Im going, ponder new ideas on cross training, incorporating strength workouts, and so on.

I'm really interested in nutrition and fitness so I might even share things that I've found useful along the way.

Who will read this blog? I don't know. Maybe only me!