Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I can run!

The good news: The specialist I saw today (who was awesome, by the way!) said he was confident there was no bone involvement causing my pain (given that I could easily hop up and down on my foot with no pain) and therefore I am clear to run with pain as my guide. Yay!

I do have an x-ray for tomorrow just to rule out a stress fracture as a cause (even though if I had one, I'd probably know more about it) at least that will rule out one possible cause.  There may be a couple of other things going on, including some ligament irritation on the outside of my foot where the initial pain after the half marathon was the worst, and this may just require a little more time to come right.

So, if I can get out for a 20-30 minute run twice a week and swim a couple of other days a week, I will be a happy girl. Hopefully it'll be light enough to encourage healing on it's own, but it'll be enough for me not to feel like I'm missing out on running so much.  It's felt like a VERY long two weeks!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

An update

I've been referred to a sports medicine specialist.  No running AT ALL for at least two weeks, until I have my appointment and get further assessment. 

I gather he'll have more of an idea of what testing and/or treatment will be required.  In the meantime, the physio has strapped a disk to the ball of my foot to cause the metatarsals to splay out when my body weight is applied.  I believe this is to reduce any compression or swelling in the area.  It's like walking around with a large flat stone in your shoe, not terribly comfortable.

I hope to keep swimming twice a week and perhaps cycle on the weekend, to keep my fitness up.  I'll take the opportunity to keep up with the strength exercises and weights to keep my body strong.

Trying to stay as positive as I can for now.  Best case scenario - the complete rest sees me healed in two weeks time... we'll see.  I want to get this right so I can run another half marathon (or several) but if this injury/condition rules me out from long distance running then I'll just have to find other challenges to keep me busy :)

Monday, 7 September 2015

I miss running!

It's been a quiet few weeks since the half marathon. My foot still isn't right.. And we're a month post-injury now. 

I'm on the ACC/physio books too. The physio said it was a compressed nerve and it's the sort of thing only time can heal. Have been running easy and light as suggested, it's been nowhere near the mileage I was doing 6 weeks ago!! Back to physio next week to reassess. I'm not sure what the next step is. 

Last week I ran a measly 3.7km. I went to the pool on Sunday though and had a great session - 60 lengths (1.5km) in about 45 mins. 

This week I hope to run 10km over the week (3 runs) and go for another long swim on Sunday. 

I'm also working on building my strength in my hips and glutes, as well as overall muscle tone. I aim to do a weights/strength season twice a week from now on. 

I miss running, especially long runs, but I'm hoping that a little time to rest now wil l have me running again before long!!