Monday, 29 February 2016

New kicks!

Picked up some new shoes today - The Brooks Adrenaline GTS16.

My current shoes are now 12 months old, and have covered 730km according to my calculations, so it's time to start their retirement program.  I'm going to stay in them for the long runs, while I train for the half marathon next month, then after that I'll gradually phase in these pretty new purple ones as #1 shoes, with the old ones for trail and rainy runs.

Can't wait to take them for a whirl!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Progress Report, February 2016

The month started off poorly in terms of my training plan - I succumbed to a bad head cold which meant I only clocked up 7km total in the first two weeks.  However, as frustrating as it was, I knew the complete rest was needed so that I could recover properly.  

I finished the month with a respectable 81km, 33km of which was run in the final week. Not bad! Still an improvement on January's total of 75km.


- The trail run around Massey/Summerhill with Sonia.  A casual, relaxed Saturday morning exploring some new territory. No focus on time. A few walk breaks and photo stops.

- Successfully completing my 18km long run over the weekend.  My longest run for six months (since the half marathon, and injury). I felt strong, capable, and felt like I managed my water and fuel intake well.  I've since officially entered the half marathon event that I've been training for!

- An interval run where I tested my 1km speed.  It came in at 4:55  which I was ecstatic about! The overall time for the 5km workout was also the fastest I've done for a while:  27:28 (5:28 min/kim average pace).  

Goals for March:

1) Tick off every training run in my plan (3 runs per week)
2) Continue with strength training twice a week
3) Hit 100km for the month
4) Do another 5km 'proper' time trial

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Trail Running

I've always wanted to run the loop of trails nearby but have been too nervous to.  My new running buddy was keen to explore them with me.

We started around 8am on a sunny summer's morning.  We both agreed we'd take our time and enjoy it, walk if we need to.  After the first two or three sets of stairs we walked the rest to conserve energy.  At the top, the view out to the ranges was stunning, well worth the quick break to take a couple of snaps.

Love this pic! Sonia heading towards the ranges.

And me, enjoying the early morning sunshine

Once we'd finished the trail section we added another 4km loop along the river, back around the lagoon to the car.  We both found this the hardest part, feeling a little weary from the different terrain than we were used to!  Still, we finished, 14.01km by Sonia's watch and 14.27km by my app.

Below is the GPS elevation for the 14km run.. so many ups and downs!

It was one of those memorable runs, for the beautiful weather, different terrain, stunning scenery and fabulous company.  Just one of those runs when you remember why you love running.

There's always opportunities to act like a dork for the camera!

The next day or two I really felt the run in my quads, hip flexors and hip stabiliser muscles.  Such a good feeling though.  It really made me realise how much I'm missing out on, on the flat.  There's a lot to be gained by incorporating more hill work, and even stairs, into my training. 

Already looking forward to the next trail run we can do!

Monday, 15 February 2016

My very own Running Buddy!

Up until now, I've always run alone (apart from the odd occasion where I've managed to run with hubby if the grandparents are around). Most of the time it's being ready to step out the door as soon as the other half gets home from work. 

It's wonderful me-time for a stay at home mum. I usually crank the music up loud and work up a sweat. 

I had listened to a podcast by Alison King (Run for your life podcast) about the new running bird app - a chance for all those who run alone, due to isolation or other circumstances, to once a month complete a virtual run with hundreds/thousands of others at the exact same time. The interviewee talked a lot about her training partner and the friendship they had; how they had both gotten through many difficult runs together which the other to pull them along. 

It got me thinking. How neat it would be to have that kind of friendship. Not only that, but the accountability of having to meet someone once a week and actually complete what you say you will.

The only person I knew in this area, who runs the same sorts of distances I do, was Sonia.  We are both part of a running community called Team Run for your Life. I approached her and she was keen! Yay! We met that weekend for a 'get to know you run' and hit it off. 

She lives about 20 minutes drive from here, so we'll take turns driving to the other's house on a Saturday/Sunday morning to do our long run together. We're both training for the same half marathon coming up in a couple of months, so we have the same goals. 

I think this will be a great running friendship. 

Our first 'runfie' together. Love it!

Half Marathon #2, here we come!

Training for another half marathon is now underway! This event will be an off-road half marathon on forestry roads. It'll be quite different to my first, and I'm expecting it will take me quite a bit longer due to the conditions.  But that's good - no pressure for a PR compared to my first!

The race date is April 9th, 8 weeks away.  I had planned to use the same training plan as before, and begin 12 weeks out, but unfortunately I became quite unwell and had to take two weeks off from running to recover.  So I'm a bit 'behind' as such but I'll wing it for now (but sticking to the same formula with a long run, hill run and interval session).  

So far I've had a couple of long runs of 11km, and 14km, and the plan is to build slowly from there.  It feels good to be running longer distances again.  Watch this space for more training updates to come!